Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yoohoo! I have been MIA AGAIN! I was asked to have a booth at our fall bazaar on base but unfortunately we are going to be out of town that weekend. But then I was notified that if I "donate" all my items to the Spouses Club Ways N Means table that they would sell for me - 3 days straight - and I don't have to pay a booth fee, I don't have to be there to help sell everything and they keep a small percentage of the profits. What an opportunity! I only had a few weeks to sew like crazy and get everything organized but I did it! I made bibs, burp cloths, tote bags, mini wallets, children's belts, blankets, taggies and more! Unfortunately JoAnns has taken a ridiculous amount of time to get an order to me - I desperately need more white Velcro and pearlized snaps and I ordered them over a month ago. If they don't arrive tomorrow, then I have 6 bib sets that won't get finished and over 20 mini wallets that won't be ready. Oh well - I am pretty pleased with the quantity of items I have and I hope everything is well received and successfully sold. I have to hand over everything tomorrow so today I am tying up loose ends and hoping to crank out a couple more tote bags. Here's your preview!