Friday, March 20, 2009

Messiest room of them all.

I'm getting ready for a craft fair which means TONS of cutting, ironing, sewing, snapping, stitching, pressing, etc, etc, etc....All of which results in a HUGE MESS! But amid the chaos, there is calm - all that mess makes sense to me - i know what is in every pile and where everything is spread out makes sense to me. My husband walks in that room and just shakes his head but he knows that it will all be cleaned up once April 18th, craft fair day, is here. Plus, my parents are coming in town in May and they kind of need a place to sleep. I don't think they'd want to cuddle up in all that mess.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great additions for the Easter basket!

I'm getting ready for Easter and thinking ahead about what I (or the bunny) will be putting into Luke and Hannah's baskets. I've been searching on Etsy and have found some adorable items. I took the plunge and purchased 1 of the items I had been eyeballing and when it arrived, it was even MORE adorable than in the pictures! What did I purchase? Well, for eight whole dollars (that's IT!), I bought 2 (TWO) adorable stuffed bunnies (softies) from Lori of Kid-N Around Creations on Etsy! She lets you pick from dark brown bunnies, light brown bunnies or white bunnies and she makes them in little boy or girl "clothes". I got 2 little light brown bunnies, 1 boy and 1 girl and I can't wait to see how they look in the Easter basket.  I then made a great trade with her - 4 mini wallets for a large "family" of hand puppet bunnies.  I received a mommy and daddy bunny (hand size) and 4 baby bunnies (finger puppet size) and they, too, are just TOO CUTE!  Click here to see the family of bunnies.  Lori also has adorable Easter crayon rolls what would just be perfect for your kiddo's Easter basket as well penguin puppets, flower softies and soft little baby blocks and burp cloths.  Check out her shop for the perfect additions to your kids' Easter baskets.  And now, if you order from Lori's shop and mention this blog (FrayBabyBibsandMore), you will receive FREE SHIPPING!!!  How awesome is that?!?!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Wraps

When my baby girl was almost 3 weeks old, I realized that she loved being held a whole lot more than her big brother ever did. I was having a hard time getting things done in the 10 minute windows she allowed me to put her down (I mean, can YOU clean a kitchen in 10 minutes?) and really wanted the use of BOTH my arms at once (i.e - it takes a LONG time to peck out an email with 1 hand). I knew that I had stumbled upon some baby wraps on Etsy so I went to check them out and research them a little further. I found a great shop called LoveyDuds and she has fantastic feedback and has made hundred and hundreds of baby wraps. So I purchased this one and 4 days later it arrived in the mail and not only is mommy happy but Hannah is in heaven when she is wrapped up in there. So imagine my delight when I get a package in the mail and open it to find this! My mom sent me another wrap and Hannah and I took it for a test drive yesterday and she loved it and it is so comfortable and easy to wrap and wear. You can only imagine the things I get accomplished with her happy as a clam and with both my arms free. I'm tempted to have Brian take pictures of me at the sewing machine with her wrapped to me. :) Here are the pics of me and my little papoose.

There is a great article at baby zone about the benefits of slings and baby carriers - click here if you would like to check it out!

AND - I just found out that SugarSweetBaby is giving away a FREE Bamboo Baby Wrap! AWESOME!! If you have a little one or know someone who has or is having one, ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY! It is super easy to do - just go to her blog and do any or all of the 5 options to get GOBS of chances to win! Click here for a link to information on her shop site about Bamboo Wraps. Winner will be picked March 17th.