Monday, January 18, 2010

Redirecting Traffic! New Blog web address

It seems that my old FrayBabyBibsandMore blog (this one) is popping up higher in search engine results than my new and improved WordPress blog (which is SUPPOSED to have a great SEO plugin which HAS been installed for 6 months now....) so I came over to redirect you all to my new site and my new blog! I'd love to have you subscribe in your reader or bookmark my blog so you can visit any time.

THE BLOG - (which you can access from my main .com as well)

It's a new year and FrayBabyBibsandMore's blog has a new feel. 2010 is the year of favorites! I'm going to share my favorite shops, pictures, web sites, recipes, you name it, if I love it, you know about it!

And what's new in FrayBabyBibsandMore's Etsy shop? Well, LOTS! Nursing pads, bib clips with minky bib squares, baby doll diapers, dresses (adorable!!), diaper covers and shirts for the little guys! Come on over and pay us a visit!