Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Wraps

When my baby girl was almost 3 weeks old, I realized that she loved being held a whole lot more than her big brother ever did. I was having a hard time getting things done in the 10 minute windows she allowed me to put her down (I mean, can YOU clean a kitchen in 10 minutes?) and really wanted the use of BOTH my arms at once (i.e - it takes a LONG time to peck out an email with 1 hand). I knew that I had stumbled upon some baby wraps on Etsy so I went to check them out and research them a little further. I found a great shop called LoveyDuds and she has fantastic feedback and has made hundred and hundreds of baby wraps. So I purchased this one and 4 days later it arrived in the mail and not only is mommy happy but Hannah is in heaven when she is wrapped up in there. So imagine my delight when I get a package in the mail and open it to find this! My mom sent me another wrap and Hannah and I took it for a test drive yesterday and she loved it and it is so comfortable and easy to wrap and wear. You can only imagine the things I get accomplished with her happy as a clam and with both my arms free. I'm tempted to have Brian take pictures of me at the sewing machine with her wrapped to me. :) Here are the pics of me and my little papoose.

There is a great article at baby zone about the benefits of slings and baby carriers - click here if you would like to check it out!

AND - I just found out that SugarSweetBaby is giving away a FREE Bamboo Baby Wrap! AWESOME!! If you have a little one or know someone who has or is having one, ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY! It is super easy to do - just go to her blog and do any or all of the 5 options to get GOBS of chances to win! Click here for a link to information on her shop site about Bamboo Wraps. Winner will be picked March 17th.

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