Tuesday, March 25, 2008

50s style Retro Kitchen Chenille Backed Lovey Security Blanket

This lovey is so cute. I absolutely LOVE the fabric and the light pink chenille back complements it perfectly. This small lap blanket/lovey is 17 1/2" by 17 1/2". I used a lighter weight interfacing which is even better than my original lightweight that I was using. My original interfacing would crease the fabric when folded. This interfacing is so light that it adds a durability to the fabric without resulting in the slight stiffness that would cause it to crease.
This Retro Kitchen lovey is perfectly suited for a sweet little girl. It is double seamed and top stitched for extra durability. It costs $14. SOLD - if you would like this lovey, please let me know, I have enough fabric to make another

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