Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vodka, Peroxide and WD40?

While browsing MSN.com this morning I stumbled upon 10 crazy "green" uses for vokda! Which made me think about all those emails I receive about old fashioned ways to use hydrogen peroxide or other uses for WD-40 so I went on a hunt through my inbox and found those crazy tips and I thought I'd share my favorites with you.

-Touch poison ivy or get a jelly fish sting? For those of you who take vodka in hikes through the forest or to the beach, pour some on your sting or where you touched the ivy! The vodka just might wash away those ivy oils that make you break out in an awful rash or take away some of that awful jelly fish sting. (Some say it has to be 100 proof to work and it's a lot better than being pee-ed on, a la Chandler and Monica)
-Shine your chrome, porcelain or glass fixtures with vodka and elbow grease!
-A few drops along with a teaspoon of sugar can help your cut flowers last longer.
-It's a bug repellent! Just put some vodka in a spray bottle and spritz your arms and legs while outside, or spray directly at bugs - and it's DEET free!
-It can get rid of pesky harmful mold. Just spray vodka on mold, let sit 15 minutes and scrub

Hydrogen Peroxide?
-Soak your toothbrush in it to kill germs!
-Rinse your wooden cutting boards with it to get rid of salmonella and other bacteria.
-Fill a spray bottle 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide to use as a disinfectant spray in your bathroom and shower stall!
-If you have a cold or plugged sinuses, use that same 50/50 mixture to pour in your nostrils, let bubble, blow nose - it should help you breathe easier (just don't use the exact same mixture as your bathroom cleaner - I don't want you spraying it up your nose!)
-Use peroxide to clean mirrors with no smudging or smearing!

-Have a spotty shower door that nothing will clean? Try using WD-40!
-It protects silver from tarnishing.
-Keeps flies off cows (what??? okay - for those of you who have cows who hate those pesky flies, spray away!)
-Untangles jewelry chains (oooo, handy!)
-Removes stubborn dirt and grime from your BBQ grill.
-Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.
-Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).
-It takes away the sting from fire ant burns!
-Removed crayon marks from the wall (did you know that mommies out there?)

Hope you found these tips handy, helpful or at least a little bit funny. Have any other uses or fun tips for basic household products? Happy cleaning, breathing, untangling and de-flying everyone!


Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

I'm definately going to be trying out the WD-40 on a necklace that I can't untangle today. Thanks for the tips!

Teri's Treasures said...

haha I will make sure to spray my cow to keep those flys off! :) haha Oh and good thing to know what else my vodka comes in handy for besides drinking when I am on a nature hike and get stung by a jellyfish! haha just kidding, im NOT a lush! :) Great information!

Maddie and Mommy said...

I love these tips - I might not use them all as lugging a vodka bottle on our hikes is not only impractical, but illegal in the local national park in which we hike! Love the peroxide ones as well as WD -40. I'll have to check back and see what other fun stuff you come up with.

MayRae said...

It's like an episode of Myth Busters only on cleaning and a blog :) Although I would like to know how many people hike with vodka!

Simply Sarah's said...

Hey Liz these tips are great!!! I am into anything i can learn to do myself with all the things i alredy have laying around the house! Ill be chacking back for more! Have a good night!

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

These are some great tips. Glad I ran across your blog. :-)