Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Gonna be a Throwdown! (Shoppers Gonna Shop)

A little over a month ago I was introduced to NiceGirlNotes on Facebook. Roo is the mastermind and comedian behind NiceGirlNotes. Through the Etsy Homefront Team (military spouses), I heard there was a Cute Stuff Sale going on at Roo's page so I went over to check it out. Cute Stuff Sale? A sale put on by Roo with multiple Etsy shops, all items $20 or less (shipping included) and then? A coupon to use at ALL the shops that were part of the sale, just in case you missed out on an item or two that you were after. The pace - FAST. The item - AMAZING. You have to get there quick, stake out a spot overnight (okay, okay, just start stalking the page 5 minutes before it's go time), copy your email address or choice phrase so all you have to do is CTRL+V to do a quick heart racing paste and cross your fingers that you are the chosen one. Seriously, it's bananas over there! (Don't believe me? Check out the aftermath for yourself ) SO SO SO....WHO, you ask, will be participating in the next Cute Stuff Sale? Well, I dunno about the other shops but I AM!! Mark your calenders for May 15th and stalk NiceGirlNotes on Facebook and even better, follow her blog because she is a fantastic writer, hilarious, a baller and she's crafty! (Check out those tutes on making a dollhouse out of old drawers and quiet time activity bins - genius.) Now, wanna see my cute stuff?

DSC0390414113_414731916053_85829111053_5211891_3243464_nDSC03586DSC02508DSC03674 P1010860P1010137 I still have to decide what items I want to put in the sale. I have a few ideas including some baby accessories! Hope to see you there!

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