Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Packing up and moving out

It's been a pack-a-thon over here. 4 ladies showed up to our house at 9am this morning and they have ROCKED it. They are the speediest packing crew we've ever had. In less than 7 hours they have packed up both the kids rooms, the bathroom, the family room, the kitchen, my insane sewing room and are starting on the master bedroom right now with 2 more hours left in their work day. Tomorrow they pack up all the bedding that we kept out to sleep on tonight, box up mattresses, do a quick pack of the laundry room and pack up the odds and ends in the garage. On Thursday the muscles of the operation arrive (well, I'm assuming that some big guns will show up. As impressive as these ladies are at packing at warp speed, somehow I don't see them slinging dressers over their head and carrying them out) to load up the moving truck on on Friday we clear out of our house. It's exciting!
I took some pics of the progress. I am liking the stark look of a boxed up house and wondering if Leavenworth will end up being the benefactor of a big Goodwill drop off.

Remember this?

It is now this:

AND, there are 6 more huge boxes in the family room that are marked as "MATERIAL", oh my. Hannah got in on the fun while Luke was at school and tried her hand at hauling around packing paper and boxes.

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