Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leaving the Heart (of Texas)

And we're off! Well, soon anyway. My husband has finished up grad school at Texas Tech University and it is time to get back to Army life. We are headed to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas next week and despite our local friends saying "oh, you're going from worse to worse" and "what?!? from Hawaii to Germany to Lubbock to Kansas? what did you guys do wrong?", we are excited. We had a great time in West Texas. Who wouldn't? Oil derricks, jack rabbits, tumbleweeds and West Texas dirt blowing in the wind. We went to a rodeo, the South Plains fair, drove to San Antonio more than once and took a road trip down to Galveston. Oh and how can I forget the tamales?!? I will surely miss the tamales. And now we look forward to Kansas. Hmmm...flat. farms. tornadoes. AUNTIE EM! AUNTIE EM! I kid, I kid. We are excited about a new city, a new house, professional sports teams, being within driving distance of St. Louis and the direct flight out of Kansas City to Nashville and Atlanta, because let's face it, with 2 kids under the age of 6, non stop flights make air travel 98% better and a helluva lot more likely.

And now for the breakdown. I know not everyone sees every post on Facebook and some customers don't even have a clue that I am moving and will be temporarily closed for a couple of week. I want to post the schedule for your reference. Feel free to pass along the info.

MAY 10-12 - movers come and pack up everything we own. I'll have to act fast to make sure they don't load up the suitcases full of clothes we need for our hotel living for the following week.

MAY 13th - we clear our house and have one last night in Lubbock.

MAY 14th - on the road to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the night.

MAY 15th - on the road to Leavenworth, Kansas to get the keys to our new house

MAY 16-23rd - sit in empty house and wait for movers to arrive.

Sometime after May 23rd I will reopen from my fabulous new sewing room in the fabulous city of Leavenworth, Kansas. And I hope to see you then. :)

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